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If you are interested in any of the course streams below please contact the instructors listed for further information.

Developed by Greg and Toni Gralton, Applied BioKinetics courses give in depth profiles of the psychospiritual, nutritional and structural components of our being, with emphasis on the development of reproducible, scientifically validated formats for kinesiological investigation.

Janice Bann 07 3264 5370 Albany Creek QLD


AP is a powerful system of stress management procedures developed by Richard Utt. One of the key features of AP is the depth and accuracy of its muscle testing procedures and its monitoring techniques which allow direct evaluation of stress in various parts of the nervous system. Other aspects include a comprehensive system of 5 element theory of Chinese acupressure and a unique system called 'The Seven Chi Keys' for balancing the 7 chakras.

Jacque Mooney 0419 336 586 - 03 9592 8039 Brighton East VIC
Kathy Carmuciano 03 9440 9488 Ivanhoe VIC
Sherril Taylor 0407 024 091 - 02 6674 2398 Casuarina NSW
Yamuna Puri 0422 268 975 - 07 5479 4833 Maroochydore QLD
Irena Hesterman 0421 779 884 - 02 6288 3562 Waramanga ACT
Nicolie O'Neill 08 9330 7443 Myaree WA


Robbi Zeck’s recently published book The Blossoming Heart comes to life in the Aromatic Kinesiology seminars. Combines aromatherapy with kinesiology, TCM, stress management techniques, Blossoming Heart Affirmations, 52 Essential Oil Reflections and the Aromatic Emotional Barometer. Designed to provide strategies for change and success with a counselling approach.

Robbi Zeck ND 03 5331 3254 Ballarat VIC


Developed by John Holodnak, this course can be sub titles: The Emotional – Spiritual Self Struggle & Survival Syndrome.
Today, Candida relates to 1 in 3 people and is the 4th most prevalent bloodstream organism. Why? This workshop looks at understanding `the nature of the beast’, the origins of why and where Candida comes from, the activation process and the triggering causative factors and the restorative protocols from a physical, chemistry, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective right down to cellular and DNA levels. Importantly, the workshop looks at providing the practitioner with formatted protocols that can be used alongside their existing skills to assist with clearing of this syndrome.

John Holodnak 08 9535 9195 Mandurah WA


Developed by Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury, Cellular Memory Integration is a unique synthesis of regression therapy, creative visualization techniques, flower essences, and an Assimilation Process combined with Kinesiology. This three day, AKA accredited (category A) modality allows one to access positive attributes/abilities and transform reactive, limiting beliefs held in the cellular memory.

Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury 0411 612 039 Busselton WA


Coming To Grips With Learning developed out of a successful pilot study to address Retained Primitive Reflexes. During this three day course you will be exposed to: an overview of the primitive reflexes & their impact on our wellbeing, learning and relationships, demonstration of testing procedures, implementation of our correction protocols. This course caters for all learning styles by using mind maps, games, charts, DVDs of testing procedures and plenty of practical participation. This course provides "Simple Interventions for Swift outcomes"

Shanagh Sangster 02 9487 8957 Waitara NSW


Developed by Gordon Dickson, Counselling KinesiologyTM is a synthesis of mainstream counselling techniques combined with kinesiology. This comprehensive series of workshops covers individual and couples counselling, and includes relationship parenting, career and anxiety issues. It is designed for working with adults and children and utilizes talk therapy, inner child work and practical exercises for implementing change.

Gordon Dickson 07 5444 5466 Buddina QLD


Developed by Guy Bennett B.Sc., this course integrates subtle cranial adjustments with Kinesiology. Cranial Kinesiology explores the interface of energy and matter within the body, incorporating chakras, auric fields, meridians and centred harmonics. The procedures are both gentle & effective in balancing structure, neurology and emotions.

Guy Bennett 07 3300 2756 - 0438 332 756 Paddington


Designed by Christine Ammann to provide skills and confidence when dealing with complex and chronic cases. The DK series provides you with sound kinesiology skills such as chakras and acupressure work, reflex work, essences and more as well as skills in effective communication/counselling, aspects of NLP, Bowen and Craniosacral Therapy. Its structured and easy to follow format is packed with information and underpinning knowledge as well as practise times. DK allows you to confidently address all facets of health, from learning difficulties and relationship problems to the gut and brain connection and the immune system.

Chris Ammann 0403 815 622 Seaview Downs SA


Developed by Frank Mahoney, HTX is designed to identify and release the hypertonic state of muscles. Key aspects involve sports performance, injuries, learning difficulties in reference to the release of muscles which influence thee sacrum, occiput and cerebrospinal fluid.

Janice Bann 07 3264 5370 Albany Creek QLD
Don & Sylvia Davies 0418 432 581, 0420 926 831 Cairns QLD
Trevor Savage 0427 134 916 - 07 3882 4446 Cashmere QLD
Peter Roberts 07 4167 8145 - 0417 614 219 Monto QLD


Designed by Christine Ammann this course combines muscle testing with quick and easy kinesiology techniques to provide a non-complicated and fast (5-15 min) kinesiology balance. Effortless application within general life situations and any chosen profession, such as nurses, naturopaths, massage therapists etc. Designed to help integrate the brain, reduce anxiety and pain before, during and after stressful situations and to calm others & yourself down quickly.

Chris Ammann 0403 815 622 Seaview Downs SA


KINESIOLOGY EXCELLENCE SEMINARS (Herbs For Kinesiologists, Nutrition For Kinesiologists etc).
Kinesiology Excellence Seminars develop confidence and practical skills need in clinic. Understanding and increased ability to balance the many common underlying issues to people's ill health and unhappiness will increase clinical results. Founder, Parijat Wismer, brings 25 years of teaching and clinical experience of 'what works', and a deep respect for a client's own process to her teachings. Most classes are for the advanced student. Self help units are included for students as well as clients.
Courses include Herbs For Kinesiologists, Nutrition For Kinesiologists, First Aid for Emotional Trauma, Vitality & Longevity, Weight Management for Kinesiologists and more.

Parijat Wismer 02 6685 7991 Byron Bay NSW


Founded by Elise Scully

Elise Scully 0407 887 940 Camberwell VIC


The Brain Integration Programme – LEAP - is a 5 part programme to resolve Specific Learning Difficulties. Dr Charles Krebs developed LEAP based on the hierarchy of Brain Function and it has been recommended by psychologists, teachers and other health professionals as it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological tests. LEAP is taught throughout Australia with Instructors based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Jacque Mooney 0419 336 586 - 03 9592 8039 Brighton East VIC
Janet Taylor 02 9948 3090 Seaforth NSW


In 1979, Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. from Brooklyn New York, recognised the importance of the survival systems of the body. Feeding, Flight/Fight, Reproduction, Immune System are primary to survival. Protocols were developed to correct these as well as Head Injuries, Dyslexia, Scoliosis, Endocrine and Circulation Imbalances.

Peter McLellan 0408 326 050 - 03 9503 0600 Brighton East VIC
Bernard Carson 02 9804 1414, 0427 909 922 Eastwood NSW
Irena Hesterman 0421 779 884 - 02 6288 3562 Waramanga ACT
Trevor Savage 0427 134 916 - 07 3882 4446 Cashmere QLD


Neuro Energetic Kinesiology works with chakras, the aura, Kundalini, the nadi system, genetics, astrology, neurology, emotion, hormones, sleep and dreams. A large portion of this stream in Kinesiology is devoted to chakras. The human energy system has seven major chakras, numerous minor chakras and out of body chakras. Chakras are the main places where stress is held.

Peter McLellan 0408 326 050 - 03 9503 0600 Brighton East VIC
Hugo Tobar 0419 330 274 - 02 6672 7544 Murwillumbah NSW
Nicolie O'Neill 08 9344 5534 Osborne Park WA
Yamuna Puri 0422 268 975 - 07 5479 4833 Maroochydore QLD


Developed by Wendy Bennett, NLK aims to include aspects commonly used by all kinesiologists and the approach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLPTM). NLK focuses on assisting a person to become aware of the changes they require in a very measurable and specific way. Like all kinesiologies NLK uses meridian therapy, acupressure, bodywork, stress release techniques and visualisation. It is a way of improving performance in any area and is supported by a programme which can be used at home, at work or in the classroom effectively and easily. It is easy to learn and the programme is a dynamic personal development experience as well as a way of qualifying as a kinesiology practitioner or NLK trainer.

Robyn Fernance - Inner Connection 02 4959 6619 Blackalls Park NSW
Gavin Hyde 0411 441 773 Campbelltown
Sue Crossdale 0416 193 135 Cessnock NSW
Loreto Whitney 02 4991 1122 Cessnock NSW
Loreto Whitney 02 4930 7773 Lochinvar NSW
Janelle Coggan 0414 533 554 - 02 4984 2180 Nelson Bay NSW
Jocelyn Saggers 0419 790 534 Townsville QLD
Kim Clements 0450 443 522 Adelaide SA
Margaret Thomson 0408 842 733 Adelaide SA
Rona Spicer 08 8296 2100 - 0408 816 118 Hove SA
Robyn Wilson 08 8362 8444 - 0418 895 1665 Payneham SA
Wendy Bennett 08 8336 1300 Tranmere SA


Developed by Peter McLellan, Neuro Spiritual Integration techniques use the acupuncture system in a unique way to access the interface between the physical, neurological and spiritual realms of our being. NSI has been influenced & informed by a very new an exciting area of Transpersonal Medicine, which draws knowledge on healing from a truly cross-cultural mix from ancient shamanic, indigenous & traditional healers to modern psychology & theology.

Peter McLellan 0408 326 050 - 03 9503 0600 Brighton East VIC


Founded by Brendan O'Hara

Brendan O'Hara 03 5988 6988 - 0438 586 988 Rye VIC


Researched by Sue and Malcolm Chaffer to include the workshops: Orientation Evening, Powering Through With Kinesiology, Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement, Living With Radiation, Defusing an Emotional - Nutritional Time Bomb, Making a Clean Breast of It, Sowing Seeds Of Health, Inhaling Life and Reaching With Certainty.

Gavin Hyde 0411 441 773 Campbelltown NSW
Katha Jones 0438 256 738 - 02 4648 0505 Oran Park Drive NSW


Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration programme that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Moira Dempsey 0423 659 754 - 03 9419 0261 East Melbourne VIC
Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury 0411 612 039 Busselton WA


Barbara McCloud the originator of the Self Awareness courses, has designed a systematic and integrated methodology to create profound change through awareness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Each module leads you through a path of self discovery. Combining meridian work, visualization skills, primordial language, deep breathing awareness, chakras, spiritual law, archetypes, human tendencies, the I Ching and much more, Barbara brings to life the power of choice, the discernment of inspired choice and the motivation to achieve that choice. Through overcoming fear and our instinctual survival mechanisms one is able to identify and live their true hearts’ desire.

Barbara McCloud 08 8278 6558 Hawthorndene SA


SFEF is a powerful holistic modality based on Kinesiology and ancient Chinese theory plus new and advanced concepts. SFEF balances all emotional, physical, chemical, electrical systems and disease states caused by them. SFEF quickly corrects learning difficulties and brain and personality dysfunction and integrates the brain during the procedure. A very high level of brain integration is achieved. SFEF is an advanced easy to learn modality and is AKA accredited A and B category and is the modality for the future professional. Qualified instructors are available to teach up to instructor level in all areas of Australia.

Lionel V. Thomas 0412 468 942 - 03 9399 4942 Newport VIC


Developed by Ian Stubbings, SIPS, focuses on the human body as an electrical system. Acupoints have electrical as well as etheric chi properties. SIPS points are acupoints accessing specific stress which is quickly and easily entered into the balancing circuit and allows rapid, effective and profound stress defusion.

Jacque Mooney 0419 336 586 - 03 9592 8039 Brighton East VIC


From authors Sylvia Marina & Irene Oram. A four day workshop giving participants skills to guide clients and facilitate change through connecting to the deep Theta brainwave pattern and the healing and rejuvenation Delta energy. This kinesiology training includes relaxation, specific to clearing cellular and genetic negative energy healing for positive change - Access ancestral memory & knowledge - beyond known history. Connect to and work with Divine Spirit/Universal Consciousness. Understand greater depths of the self. Valuable skills for practitioners and people seeking a new career.

Sylvia Marina 08 9457 3763 Applecross WA


Founded by Wayne Topping

Elise Scully 0407 887 940 Camberwell VIC
Parijat Wismer 02 6685 7991 Byron Bay NSW