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Touch For Health Materials

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Touch For Health - Complete Edition
by John Thie, D.C., Co Authored by Matthew Thie

With over ½ million copies in print since 1973, John Thie’s “Touch for Health” phenomenon has flourished worldwide to help more than 10 million people in over 40 countries. After more than 30 years this famous TFH manual has been fully revised and updated.

TFH Complete Edition contains the complete IKC curriculum, as well as Dr. Thie's expanded writing on Goal Setting, Muscle Testing, Holistic Energy Balancing, Interviewing and History Taking, and the Use of Metaphor and the Dialogue Process to enhance the depth, meaning, effectiveness and FUN of TFH energy balancing. Photographs of muscle testing include standing AND Lying down tests, the illustrations of the reflex points include both muscles and bones for landmarks so that the points are easily located.


Enhance outcomes through exploration of the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors as symbols in your life. A new resource for Kinesiology Instructors, Practitioners & Students.

The metaphors are exceptionally
effective for cuing key issues, bringing much greater awareness and clarity to the person being balanced. Develop awareness of mental/emotional and sensory/associative aspects of your life, memory, goals, issues and symptoms

*111 sets of metaphor questions
covering each specific Muscle/Meridian/Element.
* All TFH Folio Pages for quick reference to the 42 muscle tests and reflex points.
* New tips on muscle testing
* 21 pages of detailed notes for implementing Dr. Thie’s positive goal and powerful goal protocol.
* 184 pages, 22 full colour illustrations/reference pages with colour reference tabs, 10 x 16 cm

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TFH Mini Workshop Series


by Toni Gralton

A Workshop for Parents & Children
The manual for latest mini workshop within the Touch For Health system. Each technique/topic has diagrams and photos and is divided into sections on 'what the technique does', 'how you do it' and a section for parents on muscle testing or further explanations.
Covers muscle testing, switching on techniques, food allergies, feelings and others. Parent & child friendly.

by Greg & Toni Gralton

Introduces muscle testing for food and supplement choice and basic food combination concepts.



by Toni Gralton

Ways to enhance, maintain and improve vision from the
Kinesiology perspective.


HEALTHY PETS: A Kinesiological Approach by Greg & Toni Gralton

The manual for the kinesiology mini-workshop called Healthy Pets. Contents include Muscle Testing & Surrogate Testing, Comparative Physical Anatomy, Nutrition, Emotions, Vibrational Remedies, Acupressure (including a basic acupressure chart for dog & cat). Appendices include: Putting it all together and suggested foods for dogs and cats





Touch For Health Student Manual
by Toni Lilley

The modern text for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses in Australia. This new 2011 edition, updates what was previously the TFH Student Workbooks 1 & 2 (two separate manuals), now combining all the material into one text with clear diagrams & photographs, in full colour, of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals taught in the TFH Series of workshops.
Spiral bound, A4 size.



TFH Practical Essentials
by Toni Gralton

A handy workbook of containing all the practical information in the Touch For Health series. Clear diagrams & photographs of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals such as ESR, Figure 8 Energy, Pain Control, Foods, Time of Day Balance, Reactive Muscles, Five Elements and more.


Meridian & Five Element Theory in Kinesiology
by Michael Wild

The most comprehensive information available on the theory of meridians and five elements as they relate to Kinesiology. Many practical aspects are also explained as well as often asked questions on these subjects. Presented in a very readable format with 25 diagrams and tables.
A4 size. Spiral Bound. 40 pages. Chapters On:
Chi Energy, Yin/Yang, Meridians and the Circulation of Energy, Balancing Meridians, The Law of the 5 Elements, Balancing the 5 Elements, 5 Elements & Emotions, Solid & Hollow Organs, Extra Meridians, Types of Meridian Points, Pulses, Appendices (Balancing Methods


Colour For Health

Learning aid for the basic TFH course in colouring book form. Each double page gives meridian, muscle, muscle test and corrections. For the right brain learner.







TFH Audio/Visial & Software

eTouch For Health
by Earl & Gail Cook
Version 3.3

The Electronic Companion To TFH, including Practice Management Program.

The eTouch CD software provides instructions, illustrations & digital movies to guide you through the testing & balancing process of Touch For Health, and includes client records & practice management software.

The eTouch CD is a complete information provider of TFH material, in a format, typical to most modern software applications. There is a menu and reference section that can take you to any aspects of TFH balancing, corrections, explanations and tips. Built in movies are available at the click of button that show the testing of particular muscles, meridian tracings, the various correction methods, switching, figure 8’s and much more.

Uniquely there is a session record keeping part of the program, which can easily be updated during or after a session. One can keep records on all clients and recall the information at the press of a button, plus manage your practice on computer.

All the information is updated with the latest TFH material including the 5 element Chinese metaphor material. The main menu and main reference page can be accessed from almost every page in eTouch. There is a site map to get an overview how eTouch is organised. It also has password and backup capability. Windows pop up to ask questions or give instructions.

All in all this software package is very detailed, more so than can be exemplified here. The overall information on TFH by explanation, by graphic or by video has been covered to the full extent. It can also be used as a presentation tool for trainers and presenters. The client record & practice management part of eTouch is sophisticated with tracking and reports and is a unique tool in the kinesiology field. Available for PC or Mac.

by Earl & Gail Cook

The Electronic version of the TFH Charts

The eCharts CD software provides all the information available on the 4 TFH charts (to see the TFH charts click here).


The Touch For Health DVD
by John Thie D.C.

A short introduction to the TFH system by the founder of TFH itself. Originally published on video and recently converted to DVD.

Outlines many of the TFH concepts including meridians and neurolymphatics. Also contains the TFH balancing procedure including goal balancing. This DVD is suitable for students as a quick review of the TFH basics especially the 14 muscle balance. It is also suitable for TFH Instructors for playing segments during a class or practice evening.

Meridian Dance DVD
by Earl Cook

A 14 Meridian Dance/Massage

This short but very usable & practical DVD by Earl Cook is a great way to tune yourself up with what in the Touch For Health system is termed a meridian massage. With music and a wonderful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Earl Cook takes one through a tracing of the 14 meridians as they relate to Kinesiology. Exceptionally simple and perfectly presented

The Touch For Health
Learning Experience CD

by Geoffrey David Smalley & Michael Wild

An audio learning tool for the basic TFH information. Contains 4 tracks:

1. Superlearn the 14 Basic
muscles, Neurolymphatics & Neurovasculars.
2. Guided 14 Meridian Visualisation with relaxing music.
3. Guided Meridian Massage (tracing) of the 14 Meridians with music.
4. Goal development & process using the TFH system.

Originally designed & recorded for cassette in 1988 and published on CD in 2009. Beautiful Music Throughout